Must Have Stroller Accessories For Mommies

The long wait is over! The nine months of tribulation and suffering, all culminating in the little bundle of joy in your hands. If you could, you’d go through it all over again just to have them wrap their tiny hand around your finger for the first time. Yet we all know that the hard part is actually beginning and not ending. Balancing your personal, work and social life would be the challenge of your lifetime. And sometimes, it might really get too much with your little satchel of happiness tagging along everywhere you go. How can you possibly take care of their every need while they lay traveling in their chariots cum strollers?
Maybe some of these tiny tools may help you out:




Jumbo Swirly Hook
$$$ 4.3
Child Tray
$$$$ 4.5
Buggyguard Retractable Stroller Lock
$$ 3.7
Baby Buddy Secure-A-Toy

Baby Buddy Secure-A-Toy

Sometimes you may literally have too much on your hands. The baby, their stroller and their countless diapers (that they miraculously need changing almost always). How do you possibly have enough space to keep their favorite toys and keep a watch so as to make sure that they don’t throw it on the street on your morning stroll? With Baby Buddy Secure-A-Toy, that’s never gonna happen.

Sometimes kids are little rascals that just won’t listen to you, other times… it may be just a mistake. But with Baby Buddy Secure-A-Toy, you wouldn’t have to worry about either. With Baby Buddy Secure-A-Toy, we don’t have to constantly be bending over to pick up our child’s attempt at modern art along the street, while making sure that the toys are never too far away for them to play with. Its versatility assures that it holds toys, tether, snack trap, plush toy, pacifier, sippy cups, stuffed animals and anything else your child adores. It’s quite simplistic to use, with instructions on the package on how to connect. It measures 11 inches or 27 cm and has 2 convenient adjustable straps as well. You won’t ever have to have too much on your hands again!

Buggyguard Retractable Stroller Lock

For on-the-go parents, parking the stroller can be a real hassle what with the constant dread of having it stolen. But with Buggyguard, your mind can be at ease as you focus on the bundles of joy in your hands and spend time creating memories. A 2.4 mm stainless steel cable and body should assure you of your stroller’s safety and also ensure that buggy remains unscratched. It also has a 4 feet long cable that can be looped around twice most objects and is quite convenient to store, pack and unpack.

A combination lock on Buggyguard further removes any hassle of possibly having to keep track of keys and whatnot. It’s also a universal attachment and hence fits all strollers. You also don’t need to worry as it doesn’t interfere with the collapsing of the stroller. You can easily stow it away as before. It’s truly greatly useful for something its size. Couldn’t recommend it more.


All babies require their beauty sleep, a time of the day when they can rest and truly refresh their tiny, growing bodies. The only problems parents face with that is that they never quite know when that time may come. For the parents who are likely to be out with their babies when their young counterparts choose to take a shut-eye, is SnoozeShade. It offers excessive comfort and protection from the shining sun wherever you are, and it’s quite easy to install and use. It’s also gas permeable, so using SnoozeShade creates a safe and ventilated environment for your baby to rest in.

The Melanoma International Foundation concludes that it also blocks 99% of UV light. Morever, bugs, insects or even chilly winds are not going to come close to disturbing your little one’s nap. It’s very simple to use because of its straps, making it quite adjustable and its elastic make. It can be stowed away easily too, whenever needed. You wouldn’t ever have to worry about your baby’s nap again!

Child Tray

We all know our little ones… yet to this day after having literally birthed them, we can never quite be sure when would they get hungry. The Britax Child Tray takes this uneasiness about your child’s eating tendencies out of the picture, creating a platform for on-the-go snacks. It attaches readily to any stroller of any make and features a tray that can folded or stored easily for use later. It’s also detachable with just the push of a button.

It wouldn’t hinder the process of removing your child either as each side can be easily detached to create an opening. It’s fast, it’s convenient and it’s really an essential for all mothers with toddlers out there! Is there anything more to say?

Jumbo Swirly Hook

Remember how we talked about you having quite a lot on your hands as a mother? As you guessed, we meant it literally. And not only would we recommend something to take care of your child’s toys… We’d also assure that you can have your hands as free as possible (with a baby, of course). Hence, the Jumbo Swirly Hook for all your ‘carrying-holding-stowing’ needs. One that easily attaches on to your stroller and literally halves the amount of stuff you have to hold between your fingers.

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The lack of a clip assures convenience in removing and adding items while the shape makes sure that they stay on. Its light aluminum body is also an added touch which makes it very durable. It’s really something that you wished you had used a lot sooner once you start using it. I’m sure you’d get back to us with that thought.


As a mother, we tend to be overly cautious about the things we get for our children and what exactly do we expose them to. That is needed and also essential. That’s why I’ve made sure that I pick out only the best for my fellow mothers, things designed to make your child feel loved and you comfortable. I hope you find as great a use out of them as I did.