Best Lightweight Stroller You Can Go For Reviews

The very purpose of a stroller is to ease the burden of you having to carry your baby around in your arms all day long, as mesmerizing as that is. And hence, when brands come out with exquisite and hunky strollers glamourized with features but which weigh like a ton, it kinda defeats that purpose. So we thought that we maybe it’s time to go back to the roots and look at strollers as they were originally intended to be: Lightweight and durable carriers of our children. Turns out, there’s a lot of choice and variety in this avenue of the market as well. And therefore, for your convenience, we chose to sample the top lightweight strollers in the market and pick out the very best for you to choose from. These range from simple and articulate to techno-savvy and a tad heavy on the pocket but in-the-end, arguably quite worth it. So, without much further ado, here are the best burden-easing strollers available right now:




Cybex Eezy S Twist
$$$$ 4.7
UPPAbaby Minu Stroller
GB Pockit Stroller
Mima Zigi Stroller
$$$$ 4.5

Mima Zigi Stroller

It sure is tiny but the Zigi is one loaded stroller for the fashionable parent who loves to travel. It’s only right that their baby’s ride reflects this passion of theirs. The Zigi stroller is a true composite of the three critera – style, safety and function. However, its one unique selling point is its compact fold. This characteristic makes it small enough to fit into an aircraft’s overhead cabin. Moreover, folding it is indeed a breeze and can be done with a single hand, making it almost unbelievably convenient.

It’s extremely adaptable for the back of your car and many different seats can be quite easily installed and removed. The seat itself has three levels of recline for the ultimate napping experience for your baby. The automatic canopy opens and shuts with the flick of your wrist while a viewing window lets you keep an eye on your baby and helps maintain proper ventilation throughout the space.

The Zigi’s transparent wheels are quite pleasant on the eyes and also extremely durable. The Zigi is a product of luxury meant for the stylish parent and child combo, sure to top any competition with the other strollers it may find on the street.

GB Pockit Stroller

The GB Pockit Stroller, the predecessor of GB Pockit+ indeed took the world by shock as it revolutionized what can be expected from a stroller. Yes, the Pockit+ is a slightly larger stroller, but it has added features to justify that increase in size. The GB Pockit+ now offers a reclining seat for your baby’s comfort, something lacking in alternatives in its range and its adaptability makes Pockit+ compatible with any GB or Cybex infant car seat! These features were incredibly requested throughout the world after the initial launch and surely the manufacturers have heard these demands!

This size doesn’t impeach on the new Pockit+’s portability either. It folds into the same convenient, carrying size as the original Pockit stroller – which is assuredly quite little. After the folding has been completed, we can easily employ the integrated locking mechanism to secure it for storing and/or travel. GB Pockit+ is also conveniently small, so much so that it fits into the overhead compartment in any airline. These added features and relative portability (while keeping the price in check) are surely going to blow any stroller-searching parents away.

UPPAbaby Minu Stroller

The UPPAbaby Minu is a lightweight stroller designed for everyday use and outdoor excursions with your little one. Its lightweight nature doesn’t mean it sacrifices on modern conveniences which are extremely desirable to us as new-age parents. One of the best examples is its one hand fold feature which allows you to pack the entire thing in one swift motion with just a single hand!

Moreover, the underseat basket is really quite large for something of its size and can easily hold your everyday essentials. Its all-wheel suspension ensures that you and your baby have the smoothest ride imaginable. The pull-out sunshade extension adds coverage whenever and wherever your baby may desire to take a shut-eye, and you’ll love the mesh peek-a-boo window, allowing you to check on them. There’s also quite a convenient pocket on the back of the seat for your wallet, keys or cellphone. All these features combined do make the Minu quite a desirable pick.

Cybex Eezy S Twist

It’s time to unveil one of the coolest and most awesome strollers available on the market right this instance – the Cybex Eezy. This cool new stroller is easily going to stand out as soon as it’s launched because of one unprecedented feature that’s never been seen or thought of before – the stroller seat is made to revolve around the frame with the use of just a single hand! The Eezy S Twist from Cybex really feels and handles like all the other full strollers available right now but its size and weight would initially make you believe otherwise.

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More great characteristics of this amazing product are the paneled canopy with a visor, allowing you to check up on your little one with ease while ensuring proper ventilation at all times. Its comfortable and well-padded nature coupled with its 4 wheel suspension essentially guarantees that the tiny ‘you’ will have a smooth ride in the Eezy stroller. Its size ensures that you get through the tightest of gaps in the city, allowing you to give way to your inner adventurer. The offered multi-position recline adds yet another layer of comfort to your baby’s heavenly ride. All these features combined truly make it a masterpiece.


With the advent of the featured stroller, it’s easy to sacrifice convenience and portability. We hope that this list reminded you of their importance and also brought to light some products that cater to those specific requirements. After all, it’s only fair that your life as a parent gets a tad more comfortable and less burdensome. We hope we could make that happen.