The Best Baby Strollers With Umbrella – 2018

Babies need to get out of their homes more often. They need to explore the world and the different shades of nature. To enable this and to ease out the effort of the parents, many companies have introduced easy-to-handle and safe baby strollers. You will come across a plethora of baby strollers, both online and offline. However, choosing the right stroller for your baby is very crucial. Apart from looking stylish, it needs to come with certain safety features, and must also keep your child comfortable.




Kolcraft Cloud Plus Stroller
$$$$ 3.9
ZOE XL1 BEST v2 by Zoe Strollers
$$$ 4.3
Qaba 2-in-1 Lightweight Tricycle Baby Stroller
$$$ 4.6
Mountain Buggy Nano Stroller
$$$$$ 5
Cosco Umbrella Stroller, Monster Elliot
$$$ 4

Herein, we will list 5 best baby strollers with umbrella that have been popular and high in demand by parents. Let us understand why these strollers are considered to be the best.

5 Best Baby Strollers

Kolcraft Cloud Plus Stroller

Planning to take out your baby on a good sunny day? Let your baby travel with comfort while you can take them with ease with Kolcraft Cloud Plus Stroller. This stroller is lightweight and easy to take out. Go on an outing to the park, local market or just a stroll around the corner. The compact size and foldable feature of Kolcraft Cloud Plus Stroller lets you carry it easily in your vehicle. Easy to maneuver, this stroller will surely let both you and your child enjoy the walk.

If you are planning to carry all the basic necessities with you on your walk, you need not worry about extra baggage, as this stroller has a storage basket for toys, food and diapers, you may need. Be prepared and enjoy the stroll without a worry.

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Kolcraft Cloud Plus Stroller is best for day trips. The umbrella atop will keep your baby out of the sun. The canopy is three-tiered and has a peek-a-boo window for playing little games with your kid on the go. If your kid gets bored during the walk, you can keep them engaged by letting your kid play with their favorite toy on the detachable child tray, you can also place his juice in the juice box holder. Folding the stroller is even easier and can be done with one hand – convenient isn’t it?

Your baby, too, can enjoy a comfortable ride, as the reclining seat can be adjusted and positioned according to your baby’s liking. Apart from these features, the stroller also has a tray with two beverage holders for the parents. The stroller can be taken for any kind of walk, and on any terrain, with reliable wheels and front suspension. And leave the safety to the 5-point adjustable safety harness. Go ahead, make some outdoor memories.


Dimension: 31.3 x 18 x 39 in

Weight: 11.8 pounds

Weight capacity: 50 ponds maximum

ZOE XL1 BEST v2 by Zoe Strollers

Zoe Strollers’ ZOE XL1 BEST v2 is compact and lightweight and ideal for ever day strollers. If you are planning for a road trip with your child and planning to take him/her for a wildlife adventure hike, carrying a ZOE XL1 BEST v2 can be very helpful. Its compact size and lightweight makes it easier to be carried around.

Wonderfully designed with good quality, three-tier foldable canopy this stroller is best to take your kid out on a wonderful sunny day. The technically advance and rigid structure assures safety of your kid and the easy grip lets you have good control over the stroller. The one-hand foldable feature ads more ease. Once folded, you can carry them in your backpack and inside overhead bins in airplanes. You can carry it as a backpack itself. ZOE XL1 BEST v2 comes with assorted accessories such as 1 snack cup, 1 cup holder for child and 1 cup holder for the parent, belly bar for added safety and comfortable pads.

Take them anywhere, fold them and put them inside your vehicle and go make some wonderful adventure stories with your child.


Dimension: 10 x 10 x 10 inches

Weight: 11 pounds

Weight capacity: up to 50 kg

Qaba 2-in-1 Lightweight Tricycle Baby Stroller

If your baby is over 18 months and you want them to engage in some kind of physical activity, the Qaba 2-in-1 Lightweight Tricycle Baby Stroller may be a fantastic option. This tricycle baby stroller lets your little one have some fun while pedaling their way. The back wheels have two breaks, which enables the parents to control while the little one is pedaling. Let your kid learn how to control at a young age and grow up into being an independent individual with good control. This stroller is perfect for active kids who are always up for some physical games.

Not just that! The safety bar and the belts will let you take a stroll without any worry. Your baby will be safe inside this 2 in 1 stroller and will also be able learn cycling very fast. So, there is fun and games for your kid and complete peace of mind for you. What else does a parent need, right?

Qaba 2-in-1 Lightweight Tricycle Baby Stroller is best for everyday strollers. Take out your baby everyday and let them cycle their way, while you keep the control. The detachable canopy atop will also help in keeping your child out of direct sun and will protect the eyes. The footrest at the front is foldable, giving more comfort in different foot positions. And if you want to carry the basic necessities with you, you can load it in the storage bag behind the stroller seat. Qaba 2-in-1 Lightweight Tricycle Baby Stroller is all you may need to make your everyday strolls memorable.


Dimension: 37.8″L x 21.1″W x 39.8″H

Weight: 15.4 pounds

Weight capacity: 55.1 pounds maximum

Mountain Buggy Nano Stroller

Planning a world trip with your little one? The Mountain Buggy Nano Stroller can be very useful for your trip. The best part about this stroller is that you can just fold it and fit it in your car without any hassle. Your infant can experience a wonderful trip in its soft shell cocoon carrycot. New babies are fun to travel with. If someone says its now, they must have not used Mountain Buggy Nano Stroller yet.

This stroller comes in compact foldable size that wonderfully fits into the airline carriage regulations. They also have add-ons like travel bag and shoulder straps. The full recline and the sun-hood is perfect for an afternoon stroll with short and comfortable naps, if needed. You can now take your baby out any time of the day, without worrying about your baby’s sleep-time and the sun. You can also change the hoods, according to your baby’s need. There is a mesh extension for pleasantly windy summer days.

Parents can fit this lightweight stroller to their vehicle by following few easy steps. This makes this stroller extra convenient for fun explorations. The storage basket under the stroller is perfect to carry the necessary items like diapers, baby food, extra clothes, toys and more. You can also stuff in your adult snack to make the trip fun for yourself too.

Carry it whenever you go for a hiking or to the amusement park. Your baby will love the ride and will explore the outside world without any hindrance.


Dimension: 12 x 22 x 20 in

Weight: 13 pounds

Weight capacity: 44 pounds maximum

Cosco Umbrella Stroller, Monster Elliot

Add some fun to your every day strolls. Let your child enjoy the ride, while grabbing some attention from the public. Everybody is in love with Cosco Umbrella Stroller, Monster Elliot. The cute, creative and fun designs of this stroller are what gaining much popularity. However, the stroller is not just about looks, it also provide optimum comfort and safety.

The lightweight and one-hand foldable feature adds to its usability and also makes it easier to carry anywhere and everywhere. You can fit it inside your car if you are planning for a long trip. The fun creature designs of the canopy will make your kid fall in love with it, and they will be more than happy to go out in it. The footrest lets your kid have a comfortable position, and the 3-point harness will let you stop worrying about the safety of your child while on the stroll. Moreover, the double foot brake adds to the safety feature. It lets you maneuver the stroll easily.


Dimensions: 40.2 x 6.7 x 6 in

Weight: 7.3 pounds

Weight capacity: 40 pounds

Hope the aforementioned list helps you out in deciding the perfect stroller for your baby. Every parent wants the best for their child, and to start with, choosing the right stroller for your child is very important. The right stroller will decide how happy your baby feels while going out and how confident you are on the stroller. The stroller needs to keep your baby comfortable and should also comply with the basic security of the child. You will come across wide array of baby strollers, with different specifications and features. Make sure to do your research well, before spending huge amount of money. Your baby deserves the best, so let them ride the best stroller.