Baby Trend Sit N Stand Ultra Tandem Stroller Review

Baby trend sit n stand ultra tandem stroller is the first choice for today’s smart parents. When you have two little ones it is your priority to give them equal comfort. This product is just the thing. Its compact design allows them to share the stroller as per their needs. There are many double strollers in the market but this product is superior to the others in many ways.

Special Features

This stroller accepts baby car seat in both the front and rear seating arrangements. It also has multiple seating positions for both of your children. You can put the infant car seat in the front or the stroller seat can be use directly. It has a unique feature which gives your toddler liberty to stand or sit on the back platform or back seat facing forward or backward.

Also in another seating position you can manage to put the car seat for infants in the back while the older one can avail the front seat. The front and rear seat accommodate 2 children weighing fifty pounds each.

Comfort And Convenience

This stroller has swivel wheels in the front with all wheel suspension to make your rides smooth. It has reclining seat arrangements so your children can rest in comfort. This stroller has dual cup holder trays, one for the children and other for the parents. The tray can easily swing away and allows the older one to access the front seat easily. There are cup holders for parents in parent’s tray and also for their older one. This product has a ergonomic handle for your comfort.

Safety And Storage

This product has safety harnesses of 5 point security measures for your children’s safety and security. It has a unique dual rear parking brake which you can activate by foot and also has locking wheels to give you command over your stroller. This stroller is very safe for your children.

The large storage basket allows you to keep the essentials like snacks, milk bottles or diaper bags. It gives you easy access to that basket. This product can easily fold and takes little space when kept in storage or in car.

Extra Advantages

It is made with the best materials so you can trust its smart design and sturdy body. It has rotating canopies to give your little ones full view of the surroundings. Its seats are heavily padded so your children enjoy all the comforts in this stroller. You can clean the seat pad using mild household soap and warm water.

To Sum Up

This is a unique product which gives your children comfort and care. You can spend quality time with your little ones without worrying about your stroller, because it’s smooth ride gives your children joy not jerks. It enhances the intimacy between you and your children. This stroller can easily move on any surface. So you don’t have to worry for the bumps or potholes. Your stroller has strong wheels to take that pressure on itself. So enjoy a hassle free strolling with your little ones.